The Flavours

All flavours are listed with the allergy information. Bold writing is what the flavour does include. ( please remember if you are selecting a new flavour we do not have listed then this may contain other ingredients with allergiens)

contains are in bold, may contain are in normal


Aero milk

Chocolate orange – nuts, wheat milk, soya

Crunchie – milk

Daim – almonds, milk, soya

Dairy milk – Nuts, Wheat, Milk

Ferrero Rocher – Hazelnuts, soya wheat 

Galaxy – Peanuts, hazelnuts, wheat, milk, soya

Kinder Bueno – Hazelnut, milk, soya, wheat

Maltesers – Barley, milk, soya, wheat

Milky bar – Gluten, Milk

Salted caramel – Eggs, soya, nuts, Milk

Toblerone – Almonds, eggs, soya, milk

Biscoff – Soya, wheat (v)

Oreo – milk, Soya, wheat (v)

Baileys – Milk

Banoffee – Milk

Lemon – (v)

Strawberry (v)

Vegan flavours. 

We work hard to ensure that everyone including vegans get to enjoy our cheesecakes therefore we use vegan free products. Most of our flavours are able to be adapted using vegan products such as Aero we can change this to mint flavours vegan chocolate, but we do require at least 1-2 weeks notice to ensure we get the correct products.


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